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Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion Collection’s Edition Isn’t Happening

Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion won’t be getting a collector’s edition, Bungie confirmed earlier. Destiny’s next major expansion will remain vanilla and without any incentives with special editions.

The decision is a direct result of how Bungie released different versions of The Taken King which caused a backlash from Destiny community. Thankfully, Bungie has learned its lesson and made the right call with Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion.

Community Manager David “Deej” Dague assured us that Rise of Iron won’t have a collector’s edition when it comes out later this year.

We’re not making a collector’s edition. The Iron Gjallarhorn–you can get that if you preorder before launch. But we’re having one version of Rise of Iron.

Moreover, Dague went to comment on Bungie’s decision to bring back Gjallarhorn. He stated it would be more powerful but that statement directly contradicts what we heard from Destiny developers. Of course, Gjallarhorn will be a powerful weapon in Destiny but it won’t be an overpowered one. Developer stated that they properly balanced the weapon and made sure it isn’t a one button win kind of a tool.

So Dague statement about Gjallarhorn’s return on Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion is a little confusing.

Destiny creator Bungie originally saw Gjallarhorn as an overpowered gun so it had to make some changes to bring other weapons on par and not let this weapon alone be responsible for mass destruction.

The weapon will function in the same manner as it did previously but more about changes to its power will be discussed later on.

Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion will release in September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Last-gen consoles won’t be getting Rise of Iron from Bungie.

What do you think of Rise of Iron not getting a Collector’s Edition? Right move by Bungie?

Source: GameSpot