Days Gone is PlayStation 4’s Dead Rising 4

Sony revealed is long awaited Days Gone during its E3 press conference and the game received positive reception from the crowd and the media.

Days Gone is being developed by Sony Bend using Unreal Engine 4. The game is set in a post apocalyptic world with bikes and obviously ZOMBIES.

During the conference Sony showcased almost 10 minutes of Days Gone gameplay, and no doubt the game looks and fells incredible. However, I can’t shake the feeling that Days Gone is being developed to be the “Dead Rising 4 For PlayStation 4”.

I am not saying that Days Gone is a copy paste of Dead Rising franchise, but you can’t deny the familiarity and the timing of the game’s reveal. Both games are open world and feature sort of the same type of gameplay mechanic by pitching you in-front of hordes of Zombies.

However, ┬áthere is one little deference that Dead Rising requires the players to head on in to the hordes of zombies an shred them to pieces. While on the other hand Days Gone seems to be a survival type of game where it requires you to avoid these Freakers, who players can’t outgun if our protagonist gets their attention.

Days Gone also features crafting system, although not much was shown of the crafting during the gameplay but out protagonists crafted a Molotov on the fly. Crafting is the center of the Dead rising Franchise and these games also let you craft different weapons on the fly so that they can get rid of Zombies.

Individual features of Days gone are very different to that of Dead Rising, but overall the games are quite familiar with the amount of zombies, weapons, crafting and hitting the zombies with anything you can find.

The part of the reason Sony decided to develop a Zombie game, probably franchise in the future, might be due to the success of Dead Rising franchise on Xbox and Sony until now don’t have any successful PlayStation exclusive zombie survival game.

Maybe this is the reason that Sony decided to develop a game that feels and looks like Dead Rising, but with enough changes so that it would not look like a clone. By doing this Sony expects that Dead Rising fans will be attracted towards Days Gone, along with other players who like a combination of Dead Rising and State Of Decay, to rival with Xbox one and PC exclusive Dead Rising 4.

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