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Crackdown 3 Animations Are Taking Procedural Generation to the Next Step with IKinema RunTime

Crackdown 3 might have been delayed to 2017 but we are still excited about this title, we would rather wait for a better and polished version than getting a half-assed release.

A couple of days ago it was revealed that IKinema’s RunTime technology is being used to create the Crackdown 3 animations, and since the game just got delayed in the recent days it means the usage of the technology is yet to show its effects on the game.

Peter Connelly, the Executive Producer of Microsoft Studios sounds pretty confident about the collaboration and say that “by bringing IKinema RunTime technology into our game, it’s enabled our super-powered characters to react believably to dynamically changing environments and props, and has brought the over-the-top fun that’s essential to our overall gaming experience.”

IKinema says that with RunTime the developers can “procedurally animate characters and multi-limbed creatures of differing proportions during gameplay.”

We are already a fan of the Crackdown 3 animations especially with the massive destruction physics that was shown off in the game’s world when the developers revealed the game.

Some of the most interesting parts of the destruction are the explosions themselves, which Microsoft Studios has been talking about in detail lately. They previously explained in depth how “deliciously destructive science” has been applied to give us all that beauty.

Want to know some more about the game’s environments and how they work? Check out these concept arts that feature not only the environments but also other concept arts for things like characters, weapons and armor.

You will be able to get a first hand experience of the Crackdown 3 animations in 2017 although no specific release date has been shared by the developers so far.