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Official Nintendo NX Reveal Won’t Come Before The Year End: Nintendo Canada GM

The Nintendo Treehouse livestream might not have done anything major other than revealing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and this rather interesting new ARPG called Ever Oasis, but someone has managed to get a word out of the officials regarding the official Nintendo NX reveal plans!

And, this time it is not just a random survey, or alleged insiders leaking details about the specifications of the console.

This time it is the general manager of Nintendo Canada, Pierre-Paul Trepanier, who has confirmed that people should expect the Nintendo NX to be revealed by the end of this year.

Nintendo Canada Confirms Nintendo NX Reveal is Going To Be At Year End

Trepanier basically discussed the roadmap in a very brief answer to a question he was asked in an interview. While explaining that they were currently focused purely on the new Zelda game, here’s what he said:

We decided to focus on Zelda. We’ll talk about the NX by the end of the year. At that time, it will be 100% NX. [Now], it is 100% Zelda.

So yes, year end 2016 is the period you need to keep in mind.

This would render a past rumor of a TGS 2016 reveal alongside PlayStation Neo to be false alongside a number of other assumptions that have been made about the launch of the console.

Previously, there was a supposed leak suggesting not about the Nintendo NX reveal plans but launch plans, saying that it will be out in the markets by March 2017. If the console is going to be revealed at year end 2016, we would expect the launch to take a little longer than that.