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Xbox One S Won’t Have Better Frame Rates and Performance Over Xbox One: Microsoft

While listening to Microsoft’s announcement of the new Xbox One S at E3 2016, you might have figured that this is going to be a smaller and more powerful console than the last one. However, that is not the case.

Games are going to play exactly the same way on the smaller console as they do on the current console.

True, the sleeker one has more processing power than before, and Microsoft itself has confirmed that they unlocked it, but that was done just to enable HDR, not to give a boost to the frame rates or overall performance.

Xbox One S Will Have Same Frame Rates, Same Performance As Current Console

This was confirmed by Xbox planning lead Albert Penello as well as the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer on multiple occasions. This would be confusing to some of the readers because a few publications have reported previously that Gears of War 4 would play better on the new console. However, Panello says:

When we made changes to the box for 4K we unlocked a little bit more processing power to enable HDR. That’s it. It’s exactly the same architecture as the existing one. To support HDR, we give people access to a little more CPU and GPU. That’s it. It is so insignificant it is mind boggling it is being picked up.

About performance boosts, Panello “promises” that “it won’t even show up” because there will be “literally no impact,” as games playing on both the current console and the Xbox One S “will be identical.”

Lord Spencer, the man behind the only Microsoft E3 2016 conference where TWO consoles were revealed, also says that they “did not design this to play Xbox One games better than the original Xbox One console.”

So yeah, cut down on that hype a little bit and instead read up on things that are actually hype-worthy in the case of the Xbox One S.