Top Reasons Why Dead Rising 4 Could Be The Best of Lethal Creativity

Yes sir! the leaks were true! Dead Rising 4 has been officially confirmed at Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference and it is already pegging to be the ultimate zombie slayer again.

However, we think it could get better than that, as the game clearly has the potential of becoming the best game in the entire series so far! Don’t fret, we have got our reasons (read opinions, if you disagree or whatever).

So the first and the most important thing is the return of good old Frank West. If you have played the original game, you would know that Dead Rising is full of its personality, the thing that makes it stand apart. If you are a proper fan of the series, you would agree that personality is there because of Frank.

So if he is coming back, so will his sarcasm, and those ballsy comments that he makes all the time. Despite being protagonist he manages to do everything unlike one, and that is doing to be awesome when Dead Rising 4 releases on Xbox One and PC.

The second, equally important aspect of the game is crafting, combo weapons and vehicles. The video we saw at E3 2016 had ample clips to assure us that Frank will get enough time to show off his creativity. This was a popular feature in the last game and the one before it.

Moving on, some of us might not have liked Los Perdidos, but everyone loved Fortune City. Now the game is not set in Fortune City from Dead Rising 2, but it feels like it. There is a lot of color in the game, a lot of lights shining in stark contrast to what you would expect a place to look like in the time of a zombie apocalypse, and that is good!

Our reasons don’t end there. Dead Rising 4 is set in Willamette, the location of the original Dead Rising, which was the most interesting in terms of location options we got. Of course we know that the game is also going to feature a lot of stuff outside the titanic mall, but its presence in the game sounds promising.

Last but not the least, the E3 2016 reveal was reminiscent of the gameplay style of Dead Rising 3, which is clearly better than going with any of the previous entries.

Dead Rising 4 is also being developed with the latest technology, the best possible graphics and the most diverse gameplay options can be expected. Do you need any more reasons?