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Sean Layden Compares Playstation 4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio

After the utterly amazing Sony conference at E3 on Monday night, Playstation president Sean Layden sat down with TIME magazine to talk about his thoughts on the Playstation 4 Neo and how it might stack up compared to the Xbox One Scorpio, which Microsoft unveiled at its own press conference on Monday.

Layden didn’t appear to be concerned about Microsoft unveiling the Xbox One Scorpio. He actually seemed to welcome it, claiming that what was good for video games was also good for Playstation.

Considering that the Xbox One Scorpio was going to be built on the same kinds of principles that the Playstation 4 Neo will be going on, Playstation letting Microsoft go ahead could help it to iron out some of the kinks that the Scorpio will encounter.

Sony also did something similar when the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 were first unveiled, allowing Microsoft to do it first and then neglecting to mention the same sort of highly-unpopular actions that Microsoft was trying to do when Xbox One was first unveiled.

Microsoft has called Xbox One Scorpio the most powerful console in the market. Well, for now, it is but we will have to wait and see how exactly PlayStation Neo holds up against the huge 6 Tflops of power Scorpio has to offer.

Layden was also confident that sales of the Playstation 4K would cause people to buy more HDTVs in order to effectively use their Neos. The challenge would not be Playstation’s, but instead would be for TV manufacturers and sellers to deal with, considering that Sony doesn’t sell TVs.

Either way, however it works out with Sony and the Playstation 4 Neo against Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio the market will likely undergo a drastic shift because of it. What do you think of these better console on the horizon so shortly? Will they be welcomed by you or do you see otherwise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.