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Resident Evil 7 Follows Silent Hills P.T Footsteps, Demo is Not Part of the Game

One of the biggest surprises of Sony’s E3 2016 press event was the reveal of Resident Evil 7. The new game is taking the series back to its roots thanks to the contents feedback and media outrage over how recent installments have turned out.

Resident Evil 7’s reveal trailer instantly makes you think of Silent Hills P.T.

P.T was a game in development at Konami and Kojima Productions but was cancelled before Hideo Kojima parted ways with the company. Resident Evil is clearly inspired by Silent Hills and what’s more interesting is that its demo is available in the same manner as Silent Hills.

The demo available to download for PlayStation 4 PS Plus members is not a part of the main game, just like Silent Hills demo wasn’t actually a section of the game, it just gave a taste of things to come.

Moreover, the lead character we saw in Resident Evil 7 demo won’t be leading in the main game. This means that the demo is clearly released just to show what the series’ next installment would be like. It is evident that Capcom has listened to the community and is working on a game that brings the franchise back to form.

Resident Evil 7 will be fully playable with PlayStation VR and is a first person game, the very first title to use this camera angle. It was promoted as part of Sony’s E3 2016 PSVR lineup alongside Battlefront VR, Final Fantasy XV VR, Batman Arkham VR game and more.

Resident Evil is making drastic changes to the series which is exactly what this game needed. We are looking forward to seeing more of the game in the coming months. Resident Evil 7 is hitting PS4, Xbox One, PC and PlayStation VR on 24th January, 2017.

Source: Eurogamer