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The Rain in Gears of War 4 is Almost Realistic, See For Yourself

A gif that was posted up on Reddit recently has given us a bit of insight into the level of detail going into Gears of War 4. In the gif in question, we’re actually shown rain in Gears of War 4 as it patters down on the ground and even lands on J.D. Fenix’s armor.

Rain had previously been a sort of mixed-bag in Gears of War. While the first and third Gears of War games both had rain in two different levels (the second game just had razorhail), they didn’t have the same sort of detail that the rain in Gears of War 4 does. Here, we see it soaking the ground and also landing on JD’s armor, causing droplets to condense on it and sometimes even run down the armor.

The weather effects play a very big part in Gears of War 4. Considering the windflares that now plague Sera, weather effects are now more important than ever before, and the rain is only one part. Lightning, fire, and wind all part of windflares as well, and the game’s E3 trailer showed what all of those elements combined could do.

However, the rain effects aren’t perfect. There’s still one very evident problem with the rain: it doesn’t seem to hit JD himself. Despite the rain landing on his armor and soaking the environment around him, JD’s hair seems to remain completely dry and doesn’t get matted down at all.

Hopefully it will be something that The Coalition, who are developing the game, plan to fix. While it won’t have any bearing on gameplay, the rain in Gears of War 4 not actually affecting the characters might still annoy some people that are detailed enough to notice things like that.

Either way with the game coming out this October hopefully The Coalition still has plenty of time to fix things like that, so hopefully the rain in Gears of War 4 will be soaking all of JD when the game comes out, not just his uniform.