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Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royale Seems Like a Game of Chess

Each of the next generation of Pokemon games brings a new challenging sort of battle to the table, and the Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royale function is no different. This free-for-all four-person battle was first unveiled at Nintendo’s Treehouse streams for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and we’ve got all of the information that you’re looking for.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royale type of battle is the brand-new battle option for Generation 7 of the Pokemon games. Previously we’ve had Double Battles, Triple Battles, Sky Battles, Rotation Battles, and Inverse Battles.

Battle Royale is a different beast to all of these, where four trainers face off against each other in a free-for-all fight to the finish. This seems to be the hot new thing in the game, or at least an amusing side game for you to play.

A Battle Royale seems more like a chess game than anything else, as you have to forge alliances on the fly with the other trainers as you work to gang up on the strongest Pokemon or ones that somehow otherwise have an advantage over you.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royale also seems to be a more sports-like thing. This is probably true considering that there’s an entire stadium that appears to be dedicated to Battle Royale matches as shown in the clips that shows it off.

Considering each new type of Battle has thrown a new wrench into the way Pokemon battles are fought in various locations, Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royale matches could help to throw a new twist into the game. However, hopefully there will still be a lot of post-story content that will keep players interested even after the Pokemon League is going.

For instance, Pokemon X and Y had the Battle Chateau where you could have rematches with various characters and random trainers of various strengths. Other Pokemon games also had some good post-game content, such as the Battle Frontier in Emerald, Diamond and Pearl, and HeartGold and SoulSilver.

All three Battle Frontiers helped you to get more challenging battles even after you beat the Elite Four and could take you to a whole other level with the battles that the Frontier Brains go for as long as you get the proper winning streaks.

Either way hopefully the Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royale match type looks interesting, so hopefully when Sun and Moon comes out the match will be a good way to have some more fun with battling.