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Players Can Play Sea Of Thieves Solo But Not Without Consequences

E3 is all about the games and Microsoft’s E3 conference was no different. One of the games that Microsoft showcased during the conference was Sea Of Thieves.

Xbox One exclusive high-sea adventure acknowledges that pirates lack any kind of moral and will not make a good friend. If you don’t want to play Sea of Thieves with other players then you can play solo. Developer Rare wants to give freedom to the players regarding the approach they want to take in this connected world of pirates.

However, Microsoft has only showcased big battles between teams of pirates who work together as a crew on a ship.

In an interview with Gamesbeat, Sea of Thieves lead designer Mike Chapman explained that these team based battles are only a small part of a huge pirate universe.

The goal for us was to create a rich pirate world. When you look at the cinematic trailer and see all the familiar pirate tropes, your mind kinda fills with the possible quests. For us, we want to allow people to be the pirate they want to be. If you want to be the solitary pirate who sales around on a small, one-man ship, we want to allow you to do that.

He further said that Rare dos not want to mess things up at some point in future by letting a single person manned vessel to take on a larger opponent.

“It’s better to play with other people, but I don’t mean that mechanically. It makes sense in the world. If I have a bigger group, I can control a bigger ship. I can man more cannons. I can repair at the same time that someone is on the wheel. You’re gonna be a little bit more limited when you’re on your own, but not because we’re limiting players.

Rare wants players to embrace that working together is the best way to play Sea Of thieves, but they also don’t want to limit players who want to just explore and get lost in the world of Sea Of Thieves.

Source: Venturebeat