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People Are Ruining Yungoos From Pokemon Sun and Moon Saying It Looks Like Donald Trump

The newest entrant in the Pokemon Sun and Moon world is Yungoos, which got revealed at the latest Nintendo Treehouse livestream that took place a couple of hours ago. We are not sure if you noticed or not, but there are a lot of fans who say that the poor soul looks like Donald Trump.

Really, The Donald? Couldn’t they find something a little bit worthy?

The new Pokemon is basically a Normal-Type Pokemon which you can see in the image above. I am sure if you were not to make the comparison between that blond head, you would find it really cute.

In fact, you would find it cute even with that blond head had it not been for that mess of a hairstyle that Donald Trump keeps.

That is exactly what struck everyone, as the fur – almost touching its eyes and the forehead blended into them – is clearly reminiscent of the Republican, sadly.

The social media is filled with trolls who are making fun of the presidential candidate… no scratch that… Twitter is filled with trolls who are making fun of the poor Pokemon, as you can see in some of the posts we have embedded below.

Yep, and he is going to make Alola great again – apparently.

Here’s another interesting tidbit, the official description of Yungoos at the Pokemon Sun and Moon website has some really uncanny hints at the same sad story relating it with Donald Trump:

Yungoos is not a Pokémon that is native to the Alola region. It was brought to the region to help deal with the explosive population of a certain other Pokémon, and now Yungoos are commonly seen around the Alola region.

This Pokémon has a terrible temper when it’s hungry—and it demands a whopping amount of food.

Guys, please just stop!