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New God of War Game Was Nearly Set In Egypt

Now that the Sony E3 conference has passed by and revealed that Kratos is going north into Viking lands, the development team has now revealed that the new God of War game was almost set in the opposite direction.

Instead of snow and pine forests, Kratos would have instead seen sand and the Nile.

The new God of War’s setting isn’t the only thing that’s new about the game either. The new Kratos was a far cry from the homicidal, all-around terrible person that we’ve seen in the previous God of War games. In the new God of War game Kratos actually shows restraint when dealing with his son, gently teaching him how to hunt and holding himself back when he starts to shout in frustration.

Cory Barlog, the creative director of the God of War team, actually put it down to a time when the Vikings believed that their gods walked the earth among them.

This is a far cry from Egypt, where its numerous gods were busy doing things like pulling the sun across the sky, supervising the land of the dead, and judging the hearts of spirits.

Considering that Norse mythology has such gods and goddesses as Thor, Freya, Odin, and Loki, it’s likely that the Norse setting was also much more agreeable towards how God of War normally goes. If Kratos eventually goes back to the way he was before, he may be responsible for causing Ragnarok.

This would be similar to how he caused so much destruction in God of War 3, where him killing the Greek gods caused floods, plagues, and more.

However the new God of War game goes, with luck it will be a good departure from how Kratos used to be. The E3 demo also promised us a very nice-looking landscape to travel through, so it would be a welcome change from Greek landscapes and dungeons all the time as well.