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The Division Underground Expansion Gear Sets Revealed, Check Them Out

Details about three of the new gear sets that will be in the Division Underground expansion, which was announced at E3’s Ubisoft conference have been shared.

In addition to taking the war to bring order back to New York down into the game’s sewers, the Underground Expansion will be including four new gear sets, new missions, and more when it comes out later this month.

Arekkz gave a detailed description of each of the three pieces of gear that he found out about, but since he only got three that still leaves one more for players to look for before the Division Underground expansion comes out.

The first of the three outfits is the B.L.I.N.D suit, which is best for damage with burst-fire weapons and offers you 100% Blind/Deaf resistance, protecting you from flash bangs. This helps especially given the suit’s special ability: if you’re wearing at least four pieces of the set, killing an enemy will cause you to set off a flashbang effect at the killed enemy’s location, stunning enemies around them.

The second of the outfits for the Division Underground expansion is the FireCrest suit. This outfit focuses on incendiary ammunition, allowing you to set your enemies ablaze. It also increases your carrying capacity, enhances your reload speed, and its special ability is giving you 10 incendiary bullets after you kill a burning target.

The third and final (for now) outfit is the FrontLine outfit. This outfit is best for tanks, and increases Ballistic Shield damage absorption. Its ultimate ability allows you to use an SMG while using your ballistic shield, allowing you to keep your head down but still be able to fight back against your enemies.

The Division Underground expansion will also include randomly-generated tunnels, and a new incursion called Dragon’s Nest, where players will take on the Cleaners faction.