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Meet TitanFall 2 Sword-Wielding Ronin Class

EA showed one of its most anticipated games of the year, TitanFall 2, at E3 2016. The game debuted with awesome single player footage that blew us away. The whole idea and what we know so far about the game is evidence that EA took notice of TitanFall’s shortcomings in the past.

Probably the coolest part and its biggest selling point about TitanFall 2 is the mechs. EA will keep sharing more about TitanFall mechs in the coming months but for now we do have a look at the amazing sword-wielding Ronin Class mech. It is fierce and will surely be the dominant force on the battlefield.

Here’s a look at what it can do;

Ronin Class can one shot enemy soldiers, create lightning waves, and block enemy fire using the sword.

Single player will be a huge part of the game and Ronin class mech will be available to you in both single and multiplayer modes.

TitanFall 2 single players looks like a mix of TitanFall 1 and Black Ops 3 in terms of its gameplay. According to Respawn Entertainment:

It’s important to know this is not a bunch of training missions from multiplayer levels with bots. This is a meaty single-player game you play offline. It’s a huge portion of the game. We’re going to find a huge number of people who only play this. There are some interesting avenues that the campaign takes which I don’t think people will be prepared for.

TitanFall 2 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 28. It will go head to head with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare alongside its buddy Battlefield 1.

Do you think Respawn Entertainment has done well with TitanFall 2? Has it managed to grab your attention? How to do you like the Ronin class?