Major God of War Story Details: Kratos’ Struggle with His Son, Mentoring, The Axe

It is abundantly clear from the E3 2016 reveal that the new God of War game is going to get a lot more intimate with the life of Kratos. The most important element in the God of War story is his relationship with his son, the unnamed kid shown in the demo yesterday.

Talking of, one thing that is going to add new dynamics to the game is the fact that Kratos (voiced by Christopher Judge) is new to the world where the game is set, hence he doesn’t know their language. It is his son who does, though. The kid understood the ancient Norse language in which the Troll spoke in the E3 2016 trailer, but Kratos did not.

God of War Story Has Intense Emotional Arcs, Kratos and His Son’s Relationship is Key

More on the emotional value of the game was shared by the developers. For instance, they revealed that Kratos, despite being the same guy we know, is now in a new phase of his life. He is taking on a new role which he is struggling with.

We are thinking this has something to do with him taking care of his son and teaching him stuff, as well as him being scared of being in Rage. In short, his frame of reference has changed towards life.

While teaching his son, he has to be patient and control his anger. This is frustrating him, because he also has to convey all his knowledge to his son despite the kid’s shortcomings.

Then there also is the factor where Kratos has to decide how much does his son need to know about his past, and whether or not he would end up transferring the Rage to his son.

Naturally, it is a very volatile and emotional situation in the new God of War game that a man like Kratos, who hasn’t had a father, is now learning to be one for a kid.

This also has its complications, for instance, the training has to be brutal and things like an affectionate look or a pat on the back of the kid are not the kind of things Kratos would previously understand.

In short, the mentoring of his son is cardinal to the game’s story, a button will be dedicated to interactions between the two and this will go on in all forms and places.

Apart from the God of War story elements, the developers have also discussed why they went with thee ae shown in the E3 2016 reveal. Apparently, this axe has a long history relating to other characters as well.

They have added variety to the controls with the new weapons. Things have been changed in accordance with how the new controllers can work and that is expected to add more options as well as freshness to the gameplay experience.

What do you make of everything that Sony Santa Monica Studios has shared with us? Emotional elements seem to be on the high, how does that affect your interest in the game? Read up on more details on the game here.