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Mafia 3 Story Elements Like Racial Tensions Are Very Well Researched

Hangar 13 has said previously that they want the Mafia 3 story to be more than just an account of the mafia in 1960’s, and now, they are sharing one way how they are doing it.

The game is set in a time when racial discrimination was on the high, and the developers have taken that into account just the way it deserves to. They have done in-depth research of the topics and then incorporated a true representation of the tensions in their game.

Just like other touchy topics like the Vietnam War and even mob violence events, they have tried their best to include references based on authenticity when it comes to racism, says lead writer William Harms.

They have even taken account of personal stories of people, here’s one instance that Harms himself recalls:

I’m a Cleaveland Browns fan, so I think he’s the best football player ever – a running back named Jim Brown, he gave an interview with Playboy in 1968. He tells this story about how he was driving through the south with some friends, and they got pulled over by the police because their car put dust on white people. Like, that was why they were pulled over.

The only reason they got out of it without it being a problem was that he was playing football for Syracuse University at the time and another police officer came up and recognised him.

He also revealed that the for authenticity in the Mafia 3 story, the developers have included many documentaries in their research, like the one made by a civil rights activist named James Baldwin, and one called Spies of Mississippi that covers government infiltrations of civil rights groups to curb them.

How well do you think Hangar 13 will handle authenticity when it comes to the elements of Mafia 3 story like this one?