Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Reveal More Info About Setting, Gameplay And More

Sony’s E3 press conference was full of surprises as the God Of War , Death Stranding were the unexpected reveals. One other game, for whom I am very excited for, Sony showcased was Horizon Zero Dawn.

During the live coverage of Sony’s E3 conference¬†Guerrilla Games Managing Director, Hermen Hulst, revealed some more details regarding Horizon Zero Dawn’s setting, gameplay and more.

According to Hulst , he has seen some fan speculation on the internet about “geographical locations ” of the game. He confirmed that there are are real world location references but can’t tell them right now.

He further said that gameplay is very intuitive, as there is a little bit of story build up to the mechanics as to how they work, and they are not going to be lengthy sequences. He also explained that machines has a lot of different ways to attack and there is a variety of ways in which players can take them on.

There is an entire economy in Horizon Zero Dawn, as players can buy and sell equipment, outfits, even the loot collected from fallen enemies can be sold. He also said that there is a special outfit in the Horizon Zero dawn that protects from poison.

The Horizon Zero Dawn’s main protagonist, Aloy, will be taking on these threats on her own, however, she will meet with other characters who will help her occasionally but that just about it.

Also when weapon’s wheel comes up the game enters into slow motion, as the developers don’t want to take players out of the experience but give them time to think about their next move or weapon of choice.

Aloy has some pieces of technology with her from the old world. One of them is the earpiece in her ear which lets her scan the world around her, and locate weaknesses of the machines. The other piece of old world technology Aloy has is the spear, which she can use to override machines and make them fight alongside her.

The cataclysm in the game happens a little over 50 years from now and the game is set thousands of years after that.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an PlayStation 4 exclusive scheduled to release on February 28, 2017.