God of War: Kratos is “Terrified” of Being in Rage and Passing it On

God of War games have a long history with PlayStation, it is one of the most iconic games from Sony and its new installment was revealed at E3 2016 during Sony’s press event.

God of War was showcased with a brand new gameplay trailer featuring Kratos, the God of War, and his Son (yes, he is alive). Kratos looks badass with all those visuals enhancements and his sick beard.

However, he is not the man we know him to be. He is different, he is “terrified” of something. The premise of the new God of War is that Kratos thinks being a God is a sickness and injects rage into your soul. He is terrified of passing that on to his son, he doesn’t want him to be consumed by that rage like Kratos himself is.

Kratos sees things more clearly in life and is more precise with his actions. He is brutal as ever but his head is in the right place. His character now has a path and a direction to move forward. In previous God of War games, he was just an enraged God out of blood, killing everything in sight without remorse.

Sony Santa Monica’s changes to his character will allow players to better connect with him on an emotional level and better understand him as a person (or God). It is hard to digest that Kratos is different now but those changes make sense and would lay the foundation of a great story driven action game that will see him slaying God after God, but this time with a deeper personality.

God of War will release for PlayStation 4 and possibly PS4K. There is no timeframe available to us regarding its release but it should be out in Fall 2017 or early 2018 if you are to assume based on previous Sony release patterns.

Have you see the reveal trailer? Do you like what Sony Santa Monica has done with God of War?