God of War Frame Rates: Sony is Targeting 30FPS Right Now

We recently shared with you tons of new details on God of War, like the struggle of Kratos with his son, how he is fearing the Rage and what the storyline and gameplay feels like. This time, let’s talk about some technical things like the God of War frame rates.

Although Sony Santa Monica Studios did not tell us this at the time of the game’s official reveal at E3 2016, a post show discussion took place between journalists and the developers where Rob Davis, lead level designer of SIE Santa Monica Studio answereed a question about the expected frame rates per second.

Davis revealed that although the development team are not 100 percent sure, but what they are targeting right now for the God of War frame rates will be their target for the final release built.

We’re not 100% sure what frame rate we are aiming at for launch, running at 30 for this demo and I think that is what we will target for the full game.

Well, we agree that God of War is in its initial stages of development and the video showed off at E3 yesterday was not a true representation of what the game is going to feel like when it releases, but it still looked promising in a number of areas.

For instance, the character models for Kratos and his unnamed son were pretty realistic, and so was the gigantic Troll that Kratos took on in the later half of the video. Similarly, the snow was pretty impressive too, even at this stage, we are sold.

In parallel news, we have been told that the star of Christopher Judge, the Dark Knight star is the new Kratos, read what he has to say here while you wait for the next batch of details on God of War.