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Gears of War 4 Being Overly Familiar Or Going Back to The Roots?

Epic Games’ Gear of War was loved for a given personality that the game’s have had, and now that The Coalition is on the helm of development, Rod Fergusson boasts of going back to the roots. However, after having watched the E3 2016 coverage of the game, we can’t help but wonder whether Gears of War 4 is actually going back to the roots or simply being overly similar to what we have already played?

True, the developers at E3 flaunted words like brand new setting and brand new experiences, but how much of that is actually true? Let’s ponder.

Indeed Rod Fergusson brings a lot of personality to Gears of War 4 that gives us a feeling of what Epic Games would have done back in the days, and the development studio itself reciprocates that in general, but we fear they would overdo that.

This is especially an issue because Gears 4 is supposed to be the start of a new series with new characters and so on.

The E3 2016 footage of Gears of War 4 clearly felt too similar to its predecessors. As promised by The Coalition before, they are bringing back the darker tones of the Gears of War franchise and that essentially means giving fans more of the same.

We saw chainsaws spraying the place with alien blood, we saw shotguns making a mess of them, and we even felt similar color tones. While seeing all that helped reminisce the old days, it also meant that a number of the returning fans will have to look harder for newer elements.

There already are people who think the franchise needed to innovate… basically the exact opposite of what they should be doing if they want to cash on what makes Gears, Gears.

It does not end there, the Swarm may have been given a name that is new, and an identification that is new, but they really are made similar to the Locusts except for the way they look.

Let me explain that: one kind of enemies rushes at you like you are free pizza, and the other wields guns just like you – they would also act like humans, in trying to revive other enemies and shielding themselves behind cover.

Now we are not saying this is all bad, the boss fight did have a different kind of an enemy, and even the similarities above are going to be welcomed by many Gears of War 4 fans who wish that the series maintains its personality, but honestly, there is a very thin line between doing just enough of the same and overdoing it.