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Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode Announced for Those Who Miss Turn-Based Combat

Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode is the newest and the hottest thing revealed at the game’s E3 2016 coverage for all of the fans who have trouble playing the fast paced action battles because they are used to the old turn based combat that Square Enix previously packed the games with.

The departure from turn based combat was one of the hottest and most crucial topics during the time when it got announced and a number of fans were not happy with it.

However, the developers, including game director Hajime Tabata knew that they needed to innovate and add a touch of freshness to the game if they wished for the franchise to continue breathing in and out, so one of the changes made was real time combat.

If you would rather stick to the old ways of combat even in FFXV, Square Enix has got a solution for you. While covering the game at E3 2016, Hajime Tabata has confirmed that there will be a Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode!

Tabata says that the decision to include this mode was made on the basis of feedback received from the fans:

We got a huge amount of feedback and responses (to Episode Duscae) from people who played the demo all over the world. But in that feedback we had a lot of people who were saying the same thing, saying they want to enjoy the action battles and all the thrill that they can bring but they are not that kind of players, they really have trouble making split second decisions.

The Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode is going to be choosable from the menu after which, every time you stop putting in commands the game will sort of pause and let you figure out what to do next.

You can check out the video above to see the Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode in action.