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Details on Final Fantasy XV Road Trip, Combat and Adventure Shared in E3 Coverage

A lot has been shared about the Final Fantasy XV road trip, adventure and combat elements in the past, but the game’s E3 2016 coverage has a lot more to offer.

For starters, Square Enix revealed that the footage from the livestream (watch in the video given in this story) was basically being run on a PC – the build is currently in their use for development purposes only.

This build of the game was also much more fluid and user-friendly as compared to the one shown at the show floor with Microsoft – suggesting that the final build will get better.

Talking about the freedom users will get in the game, the developers clarified that this image is not the starting point of the game, because before it there will be a cutscene where you meet Cindey the mechanic.

The cutscene is not too big and immediately after it you have complete freedom.

Discussing the partners more, they mentioned the effect of the change in time on their behavior. When you camp you will see different characteristics and different personalities.

These partners do not mean the game becomes more than a single player at its core, however, the whole traveling experience will be close to what it would feel if you were traveling with real life friends.

When you are out exploring the Final Fantasy XV road trip elements, it is not just going to be about traveling, but also about adventure. There will be different dangers in different regions.

As far as the combat is concerned, Square Enix says there will be three buttons mainly for attack, defense and warp. Although this is a very simplistic system, developers promise depth and huge variations you can create.

Your partners in Final Fantasy XV have their own special abilities so when you are fighting it will feel more like a multiplayer game where you will be able to direct them.

Talking of magical elements, Square Enix says that you get to collect energy from the environment in multiple ways and use in magic based abilities (like Fire and Lightning) which can also be customized.

This is a major chunk on how the Final Fantasy XV road trip, combat and adventure elements play out, but we are sure more will be shared very soon.

Last but not the least, the developers have also announced a Wait Mode for the game, which we have covered separately.