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Battlefield 1 French Forces Will Be Paid DLC

It wouldn’t be World War I without the French, who suffered the heaviest on the allied side (besides Russia but that goes without saying). However, apparently EA has decided that unless you’re willing to pay for it, the Battlefield 1 French Forces will be absent from the wars you’ll be fighting in the game.

In the actual game, you’ll be able to play as many of the major belligerents of World War I. These include Austria-Hungary, Germany, the United States, Italy, Britain, and the Ottoman Empire. The lack of any Battlefield One French forces was even more galling considering that one of the multiplayer maps in the game is going to be on the Western Front, where the French fought.

DICE put the Battlefield 1 French Forces DLC down to making sure that they would be able to do the French justice due to their massive role in the war.

Even with the help of Britain the French suffered heavily in World War I, as their larger size had them take up most of the trenches that the Western Front was fought in.

Granted this could just be an excuse, but at least DICE has an explanation ready. It’s most likely not their fault either, and is most likely because of EA.

The Battlefield 1 French Forces DLC isn’t the only one either, since one of the pre-order DLCs for the game is the Harlem Hellfighters Edition, which gives you a lot of cool gear in remembrance of the Harlem Hellfighters regiment of United States soldiers.

But then again I suppose we should be thankful that the Battlefield 1 French Forces DLC will allow us to play as one of the biggest contributors to World War I, especially DICE’s French fans. Though if EA really wants people on their good side, they could make that DLC free for French players.