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Agents Of Mayhem Gameplay Footage Showcases Different Characters And Abilities

Agents Of Mayhem might not be the game fans were expecting from Saints Row developer, Volition, but it has got some character to it. A five minute Agents Of Mayhem gameplay footage has been released by GameSpot showcasing fast paced and brutal mayhem.

The gameplay footage does not give any particulars about the mission and why our heroes are causing mayhem in this futuristic city. The footage starts with our heroes shooting at enemy soldiers in broad daylight, and the most part is, player’s ability to switch between different characters.

Every character has its own unique ability and weapons, and gameplay is quite different from Saints Row games. Players can dodge and even pull enemies towards them and deliver a fatal blow to take them down. Players will also have a special ability called Mayhem, which lets players deal more damage and increase their resistance to enemy attacks.

Players will have different abilities depending on the character they are playing with, like the female character in the game can call a drone which attacks all the enemies around you with some sort of electrical weapon or plasma cannons.

Agents Of Mayhem gameplay also shows that players can climb buildings using an anchor stick of some sort, and can switch between characters mid air.

In Agents Of Mayhem players will be able to take control of three characters at a time and switch between them during fights. However, there are a total of 12 characters to choose from.

It is confirmed that Agents Of Mayhem is set in the Saints Row universe, as Persephone Brimstone, who debuted in Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell, will be the villain in the game.

Agents Of Mayhem will release for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2017.