[UPDATED] Xbox One S More Powerful Than Xbox One, Will Deliver Better Framerates and Higher Resolutions

Microsoft has revealed that the new Xbox One S is going to play games identical to the current console, read up on our story here.

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Microsoft just announced the Xbox One S, which is the new addition to the Xbox One family. The 40% smaller console supports 4k and Microsoft claims that games will look even better on the new Xbox One S.

The more powerful Xbox One S allows developers not to compromise on the quality of the game, the resolution or the FPS. The new Xbox One S come with up to 2 TB of storage which is ample for your gaming needs. This device however focuses on the raw performance and the price at which you get this performance.

You get the 4K gaming experience with the Xbox One S at just $299. The console will be on sale August 2016. According to developers, upcoming Gear of War 4 will be better on the Xbox One S than on the Xbox One.

The more powerful console will allow users to experience Gears of War 4 even better. There will be drastic differences in the game in terms of graphics especially in the more demanding areas of the game.

At this time we do not know how much more powerful the new console is as compared to the new one but the fact alone that it supports true 4K means a significant improvement in performance.

Microsoft also announced a more powerful console the Project Scorpio, which according to them, will be the most powerful console of its time. The upcoming console will support VR and a special 4K remaster of the Gears of War 4 will be coming for the Project Scorpio next year.

While not much is known about this new upcoming console, Microsoft has claimed that it will in fact have 8 CPU cores and 320+ GB/s memory bandwidth. This sounds like a beast of a console. We have seen the PS4 outperforming the Xbox One but this could indeed close the gap and bring the Xbox at par with the PlayStation.

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