The Last Guardian Release Date Announced at E3 2016; New Beast Revealed in Trailer

We are so grateful all that talk about The Last Guardian was not useless! After such a long and tiring wait, the developers have finally announced The Last Guardian release date at the E3 2016 press conference of Sony Interactive Entertainment!

Fumito Ueda and genDESIGN is going to actually unleash Trico on October 25, 2016!

Being one of the first few reveals at the E3 2016 event of Sony, following God of War and Days Gone reveal, The Last Guardian release date has been a much welcomed news.

The developers took to the stage moments ago with a brand new trailer of the game which, for the first time ever, shows the gigantic animal stretching its wings properly. Before this, Trico has only been seen taking shied steps and limited movements.

We see a lot of new footage, but there has been nothing on the story and setting of the game other than what we already know. The new footage shown also revolves around the same ruins where the boy has been kidnapped and the relationship between the injured animal and the boy.

As you can see in the video above, the ruins look very well crafted just like the body physics of Trico.

However, there is a surprise for you in the second half of the new trailer too: Trico is not the only gigantic animal in the game! Just when you were least expecting it, a new darker and evil looking animal jumps in out of nowhere and takes a few menacing steps towards the boy.

No fight between Trico and the unknown animal were shown, but the two are clearly of the same (or at least similar) breed.

Now that The Last Guardian has a release date, check out what Fumito Ueda had to recently say about combat, exploration and puzzle elements of the game, or the first ever preview of it.