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The Last Guardian Collectors Edition Available For Pre-Order

Sony held an awesome E3 press conference yesterday, and became the best E3 conference the moment when they revealed God Of War with an action packed gameplay. However, the excitement for God Of War faded away when Sony finally revealed the release date for The Last Guardian. Now The Last Guardian is available for pre-order, and also receiving a Collectors Edition. The Last Guardian Collectors Edition is available for $119.99, and consists of a large wooden crate with a premium steel book that contains the game disc.

Moreover The Last Guardian Collectors Edition features a 72 page art book, digital OST, a Last Guardian themed sticker sheet and a statue of the game’s main protagonist along with Trico. Overall The Last Guardian Collectors Edition is not a bad package except the price tag is way out of my budget.

After a long wait Sony is finally ready to release The Last Guardian. Yesterday Sony, announced the release date along with a brand new trailer of The Last Guardian. For the first time we saw the four legged companion, Trico, of the game’s protagonist to stretch its wings, as in the previous trailer Trico was shown walking and jumping.

The trailer shows a lot of new footage, however, it does not give anything in terms of story and setting of the game. The footage showcases the Trico and the boy in the same ruins and the bond between the injured animal and boy.

However, Sony had a surprise in the second half of the trailer as Trico is not the only one its kind, as a darker and hostile animal pops out of nowhere and we can see in its eyes that the animal does not have any good intentions.

The last Guardian is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will release on October 25, 2016 and seems to be the only game showcased during Sony E3 conference that will release this year.