Pokemon Sun and Moon Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream Details, New Game Mode, Pokemon and More

Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream brought us new information regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon. The title was announced not too long ago and at the time we only knew so little about it.

Nintendo previously showed three Starter Pokemon – Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Rowlet, Fire-type Litten, and Water-type Popplio.

Each of them had their own abilities that we have discussed before. We also know that for the first time in Pokemon history we have a proper black trainer available to us. The customization options will allow you to create your own character and choose its skin tone freely so players can better connect with its character.

Sun and Moon was extensively shown at Nintendo’s E3 event.  We were given a look at Yungoos, a normal-type monster. Its abilities include Stakeout and Strong Jaw.

The second new Pokemon for Sun and Moon to be shown at E3 was Pikapek, a normal/flying woodpecker. Its special abilities include Keen Eye and Skill Link.

Grubbin is a bug type Pokemon with a Swarm ability.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, players will feel that encounters are a little different, not only there would be spectators in the background, but the game is going to issue a warning once you get into the trainer FOW. Adding a bit more favor to the action, Nintendo and The Pokemon company have added new animations for trainers.

With new gameplay, it is now evident that Nintendo is adding new camera angles to encounters and roaming, the franchise is moving away from its traditional top-down view.

New lighting elements have been added with changes to the time of day. Sun and Moon Pokemon will cast shadows as well. You will also notice some UI changes when scrolling through level up menus and registering new critters to the Pokedex thanks to spiffier animations.

The biggest highlight of the live stream was definitely a new game mode called Battle Royale. It is a completely free mode, free-for-all battle against three trainers.

Pokemon Sun and Moon (2)

Both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are releasing on November 18 for 3DS.