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Pokemon Sun and Moon Yungoos Pokemon Announced

More and more Pokemon are being unveiled from the roster for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the latest in this has just been revealed. In Pokemon Sun and Moon Yungoos, a Normal-Type Pokemon, will be the newest Pokemon revealed from the game, both through official channels and through leaks.

The new Pokemon was unveiled on Nintendo’s Treehouse stream earlier today.

So far the roster for Pokemon Sun and Moon includes: Rowlett, the Grass-Flying starter, Litten the Fire-type starter, Popplio, the Water Starter, Solgaleo the Psychic-Steel Legendary, and Lunala the Psychic-Ghost Legendary.

Others include the Flying-type Pikipek, Grubbin the Bug-type, Iwanko the Rock-type, and Nekkoara, the koala-like Normal-type.

Pokemon has actually had a mongoose-like Pokemon before in Generation 3, with the Hoenn Pokemon Zangoose. Zangoose had a legendary rivalry with the snake-like Pokemon Seviper, but it seems in Pokemon Sun and Moon Yungoos is a more conventional-looking mongoose Pokemon.

Like many of the other Pokemon that have come out, we have essentially no idea what Pokemon like Yungoos will evolve into or what sort of moves it will even learn, but considering its fierce little teeth I’m personally thinking Rage might be one.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon Yungoos is also one of the characteristic rodent-like Pokemon that come with every Pokemon game as “starter” Pokemon that your first party will likely consist of. Other Pokemon like this include Rattata, Bidoof, Zigzagoon, Sentret, and more.

However, as this is only still the rough beginning of E3 time, hopefully we will get more information about Pokemon Sun and Moon during it. We’ve already gotten a good amount of info from it even before E3, with Nintendo talking about the Alola region, the Pokemon in it, and more.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out November 18, Nintendo still has five months to give us more info about the game, where we might see things like evolutions, cities, and more.