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New Overwatch Patch Nerfs McCree and Widowmaker, Live Now

You won’t be looking at the time so much anymore now that a new Overwatch patch for PC has been released, balancing McCree and Widowmaker along with making a few other adjustments. McCree in particular had rapidly become a meme for his ultimate, which was seen as so unbalanced that McCree was called a must-pick on many teams. You can see the patch notes here.

The Overwatch patch has adjusted the damage for McCree’s alternate fire, decreasing it from 70 to 45. This leaves McCree more vulnerable against tank characters like Reinhardt and Roadhog, but still leaves him dangerous against smaller, more fragile characters like Genji and Tracer.

Widowmaker also got nerfed due to the Overwatch patch on her own alternate fire, the Scoped Shot. While the damage on the shot has been decreased from 15 to 12, the multiplier effects on the skill are still in effect. Therefore, you’ll still get damage multipliers off of headshots. You will, however, not be able to rapidly flick back and forth between scoping and unscoping. You’ll have to wait for the animation to finish.

Blizzard’s reason for the Widowmaker nerf was that she seemed too unstoppable, both because of her body shot damage and because of her Ultimate, Infra-Sight, coming up too much.

This is just the most recent balancing patch for a character in Overwatch, such as when Bastion got rebalanced after teams exclusively played him and provided a massive barrier to go through. Whatever other balance patches come with other heroes, we may see more of them coming from the possibility of teams playing just them.

For instance, I’ve personally heard bad things (figuratively “bad”) about teams filled with Winstons, with his Primal Rage Ultimate and the shield ability he’s got. However, considering Blizzard has also said that the Overwatch patch is going to be rolled into the console patch as well, we may be seeing more balance changes in the future.