The Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild is Huge and Beautiful, Trailer Released

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is announced with a brand new trailer by Nintendo at its E3 2016 press conference.

The new gameplay trailer gives us an in-depth look at the new game. Link ha apparently risen from a long slumber and now is ready for his new journey.

Many gameplay elements are being shown in the latest stream. Link is able to cut down trees to gather blocks of firewood that help with along the way in various ways.

Trees are also a source of Apples that would help you boost you HP.Eating one apple will get you half of the heart back. Customization and exploration is a huge part of the new Zelda game. Players can explore and use their environment to look for items for crafting.

Visually, the game looks pretty decent. Particle effects, textures, explosions are very beautiful and we can only assume how great the’ll be on the more powerful NX console.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild features the biggest world created by any of the previous Zelda games.

The good news here is that the game is running on a Wii U, which is great news for gamers who were worried of Nintendo cancelling this version. It took them a while to do so but they have finally put the game on the right track.

The same game will release on Nintendo NX as well. It is a shame that Nintendo didn’t show NX as E3 2016. However, the console is releasing next year.

Nintendo is going to be sharing more about NX in the coming months along with The Legend of Zelda Breath so check back for more information on the topics.

How are you liking the newly revealed footage from The Legend of Zelda game? Also, do share your reactions for Nintendo’s E3 2016 Treehouse event in the comments below.