Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Showcases Crafting, Dialogue Wheel And More

Every year Sony brings something exciting to its E3 conference, from starting the conference with the main theme of the upcoming God Of War I knew Sony has many surprises for us. What most excited us the Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay.

I know you must be wondering that Sony already showcased the gameplay when they first announced the game back in 2015. This time Sony gave us a in depth look at the gameplay showcasing crafting system, combat, overriding the robots for personal use and more.

Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay starts with out female protagonist trying to reach a village, while passing through the beautiful environments she encounters a certain spider like machine which she has to destroy in order to progress.

What is more interesting is that the game’s protagonist has a spacial ability to scan its enemies, which reveals their weak points. This scanning ability might be related to the small ear piece she has in her ears, of which we got a glimpse in the pre-E3 trailer.

However, she takes out the machine and carries on to her journey. The game also features a crafting system where players can craft different equipment, and in this case she crafts some explosive traps.

The demo showcases that robots in the game can be corrupted by some enemies, and an NPC refers the corrupter as a daemon. In Horizon Zero Dawn players will be able to override some machines for using them to ride. In the Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay she hacks a buffalo looking machine and rides it to reach her destination.

The features dialogue wheel, and like many RPGs out there the game will give players options to chose their feelings or words. However, it will be interesting to see if the game will have consequences to the choices.

Last but not the least, Horizon Zero Dawn features destructible environments which can be used for players own advantages.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an PlayStation 4 exclusive scheduled to release on February 28 2017.