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4 Minutes Of New Gears Of War 4 Gameplay is Exactly What You Would Expect

Microsoft presented a beautiful, action packed gameplay demo for Gears Of War 4 along with the surprise that the game will be available for both Xbox One and PC. Today Microsoft has released a brand new Gears Of War 4 gameplay footage.

This Gears Of War 4 gameplay shows the game’s protagonist JD Fenix facing hordes of enemies and ambushes, and trying to eliminate the threat using his guns.

The gameplay starts with JD Fenix and his companions seem to be following something, and whatever it is they have been hiding in a fort. Naturally our heroes decide to go after them in the fort and eliminate them.

Then the footage jumps to a forward section of the mission where our heroes are inside the fort and there is red tree roots looking like thing all over the place, and there are pods which our heroes want to avoid. Maybe these pods contain the enemy soldiers or maybe they explode and cause damage, nothing is known about them right now.

Gears Of War 4 gameplay then jumps to another section of the fort showcasing the beautiful environments o the game and its graphical capabilities. JD tolds that this fort is way older and has existed before the events of the first Gears Of War.

Gears Of War 4 gameplay showcases our heroes being ambushed by hordes of enemies, however, these are a new type of creatures that our heroes face off the first time. Then JD picks up a sort of LMG and wipe out these hordes of enemies.

Then the gameplay jumps to the interiors of the fort and it seems like that it was a church of sort where our heroes gun down enemies who are also using guns and techniques like our heroes. The environments in the game are also destructible.

While fighting the enemy JD shoots a red pod that they were trying to avoid earlier and use it for cover, and then waltz towards the enemy soldier and stabs him to death. The rest of the gameplay is our heroes killing enemy soldiers and using the iconic chainsaw attached to their guns.

Gears Of War 4 will release on October 11 for PC and Xbox One.