Detroit Become Human E3 Trailer Shows Different Choices And Their Consequences

With Sony showcasing so many games during its E3 press conference, how can they leave Detroit Become Human behind. Sony showcased a gameplay trailer for Detroit Become Human, highlighting the different choices and scenarios being created from those choices.

The trailer starts with a man standing in an elevator and flipping a coin while waiting for the elevator to reach to the top floor. This android is a negotiator for a hostage situation, as another android is holding a little girl a hostage.

The mother of the girl asks him to save her daughter until she realizes that he is an another android. The android introduces himself to the in-charge as Connor, who tells him that safety of the girl is the priority.

He is told that he has already killed two police officers, and then Connor confronts him to make him surrender. However, the negotiations does not go as planned and the android jumps from the roof along with the girl. Connor tries to save the girl, but he is too late.

After the incident, we see in the trailer how things could have been different, if the player had investigated properly and collected information like what happened at the crime scene.

Like other Quantic Dream games, Detroit Become Human also focuses on players building their own story. Different combinations of dialogues and player actions can lead to different outcomes.

The trailer showcases that players choices can lead to a bullet in the head of Connor or the android holding the girl as hostage. or Connor pushes the android to fall from the rooftop and save the girl. One outcome the trailer showcases is that Connor convincing the android to surrender, however, there is no intention to allow the android to leave so he is shot multiple times.

The first trailer for Detroit Become Human showcased a female protagonist and this year’s trailer presented a male protagonist. It is possible that the game will feature multiple playable characters like other Quantic dream games.