Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s Game Starring Norman Reedus, And It’s Not PS4 Exclusive!

Only a couple of hours ago we had predicted that since Hideo Kojima was present at E3 2016, it could mean his new game might get revealed. What’s more we even suggested it could be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. Almost all that was true! Death Stranding is his new game and guess what, it stars Norman Reedus too!

A short teaser for the game was shown off at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s press conference at E3 2016 and if you have watched it already, it would surely have given you the chills we got.

This is looks like the perfect response to the hype surrounding Hideo Kojima’s new found home and Kojima Productions, his new studio.

Death Stranding 2

However, you might expect that the game would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, and that is also what was suggested in the game’s reveal at E3 2016, but we have differing news on that front!

Do you remember the full reveal of the mascot of Kojima Productions called Ludens? Take a look at it again below, and you will see the same tagline written on it that was repeated during the reveal of Death Stranding moments ago: “I’ll keep coming.”

This suggests that we are talking about the same game here, and at the time of the reveal it was confirmed that the title in question is going to be a PS4 and PC title.

Now that you have related this, also look at the face of the mascot again, especially the eyes since they are the only part of the man’s face that is visible, and you will see that there is an uncanny resemblance between this and Norman Reedus!

We’ll let you savor that for a while and then head on to watch the reveal trailer above where you can see a naked Norman Reedus crying and clutching a baby that vanishes out of thin air, in the middle of a completely unsettling environment.

We’ll share more about Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding as soon as something pops up post E3 2016.