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Black Ops 3 Contracts and Blackjack, The Copy Cat Now Available

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 contracts and Blackjack are now available in the game’s multiplayer, and will allow you to get rewards and a new specialist, the Blackjack character. Treyarch will also be resetting the contracts every 24 hours to keep things fresh for players that want something fresh in their Call of Duty games.

Black Ops 3 contracts will allow you to gain new things for your characters, including Cryptokeys, Calling Cards, and more, and will also give you the new specialist Blackjack. Blackjack is available through a new Mercenary Contract, which you gain access to by completing weekly contracts. Weekly Contracts will be reset every Monday morning.

Cryptokeys in Call of Duty allow you to purchase Supply Drops, which in turn will give you new weapons and gear.

Normally you can earn Supply Drops for every 45 minutes of gametime, but this seems like a faster way to get them daily.

Blackjack will only be available for a short time, but he appears to be well worth-it. His Rogue ability allows him to copy the Specialist weapon of enemies that you kill when your power meter is full (which you can fill by getting kills).

His Gambler ability allows him to get a random Specialist Ability when his power meter is full, and your power meter there has a faster than normal fill-rate.

However, in order to keep balance in the game, you won’t be able to use Blackjack in custom games or in Arena games. You’ll only be able to use him in public matches.

Black Ops 3 contracts could even be seen as similar to the Bounty Hunting systems in Destiny and The Division, where you take on various challenges to get rewards such as gear, reputation, and more.

There’s no telling what the Black Ops 3 contracts might all have you do, but with luck it will help bring a new dimension of play to the game so that players can earn new things to keep the game fresh.