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Xbox Live Gets Background Music, Multi-Language Support, Clubs, Cortana, Looking For Group and Arena

Ever since the Xbox One released many fans have complained that the console is missing many features in its Xbox Live. As the Microsoft has revealed Xbox One S during its E3 conference, but also announced that Xbox Live will deliver features that were requested by the fans.

As Microsoft announced last week that a lot new features will be brought to Xbox Live through summer update. These features will include background music for the Xbox Live, as many fans complained the lack of background music play on Xbox One, now it will be available through the summer Win 10 update.

Not only this Microsoft has announced the Cortana for the Xbox Live, which will replace most of the Xbox commands. Once this update hits users will activate Xbox by saying Cortana instead of Xbox. The Xbox commands are very specific and if Xbox does not recognize any command then it does not perform any task.

With Cortana a slew of commands will be introduced which will not be too specific as Cortana is designed to detect what is being asked to perform. So in simple words, Cortana will perform some kind of function even if does not properly recognizes the command.

Microsoft will also feature “Clubs” for Xbox Live, which lets the users to create groups outside of games. The “Clubs” will feature persistent chat so that friends can hang out even after finishing a round in Halo 5.

According to director of program management at Xbox, Mike Ybarra,”Clubs is sort of our version of guilds and clans in MMOs”.

The main idea of the Club is to let players create groups in which only specific players can be invited. For example if you want only high skilled players in you group.

Last but not the least Arena is a new space created for professional level players. Players will be able to compete, view or register in tournaments organized by different publishers.

You check out the full list of features being added through the summer update by following this link.