The First Dishonored 2 Missions Detailed Alongside Gameplay Elements

Undoubtedly, among everything that Bethesda Softworks showed yesterday, Dishonored 2 missions were the star of the show, apart from the return of Quake. There were other things as well that were shown in context of Arkane Studios’ latest, like some of the gameplay elements as well as a little bit about the powers of our characters.

Lets start with the missions first. In total, two Dishonored 2 missions were shown at E3 2016 trailer namely Dust District and A Crack in the Slab.

In Dust District you see Emily Kaldwin taking on the increased verticality in the new map of the game, thanks to the new city of Karnaca, as well as some enemies. One thing we juiced out of the whole showcase was that Dishonored is going to have a greater influence on her climbing skills.

During this mission, Arkane Studios also showed off some special powers of Emily – surely a treat for fans who always wanted her to have super powers.

Just like the first mission emphasized on one important feature i.e. climbing, the second mission, A Crack in the Slab, emphasized another: puzzle solving. The character was shown juggling between the past and the present all the while trying to get the mission done.

Other than this, the mission focused on strategic gameplay, especially when taking on the enemies, instead of a simple run and gun approach.

The game’s trailer which got leaked before Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios could officially release it had shown off a lot of the enemy robots as well as some magic related powers of our protagonists.

Other than all the gameplay elements that were emphasized at the developer’s E3 2016 conference, Arkane Studios has, in the past, stated that the game is going to empower stealth based elements as well as a build up on the powers that characters previously had is Dishonored.

You’ll be able to play these two Dishonored 2 missions on November 11 when the game releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.