ReCore Release Date Announced With a Gorgeous Trailer

Microsoft E3 press conference was live and as you already know Microsoft showcased a lot of games for its Xbox One S and also announced ReCore release date along with a trailer.

During the conference Microsoft showcased the gameplay trailer for Recore, which gave us quite and idea about the game. However, the trailer did not give anything about the narrative of the game like where the game is set, which time period or any other game character.

The trailer introduces Joule The Fearless Leader, game’s main protagonist and her mechanical companions, Mack The Explorer, Seth The Escape Artist, Duncan Heavy Hitter. Joule seem to be on a journey in a futuristic setting where robots have taken over the world, but the trailer does not provide anything related to the narrative of ReCore.

Mack the explorer is an mechanical dog type companion who can help Joule fight against hostile machines. Seth The Escape Artist is and spider like robot, and like the name suggests Seth will help Joule to traverse different types of environments and can also attack other hostile machines.

Last but not the least, Duncan Heavy Hitter is a big gorilla type robot which will help Joule to put some serious hurt on other machines during combat. These companions will help Joule on her journey but that does not mean Joule does not have to do anything.

Joule has her own weapons in ReCore like the hook, which she can use those to pull blue cores from the machines, as of what is their use is yet unknown. Joule also wields a gun which she can use to shoot the machines.

ReCore trailer also showcased some platforming levels, as the players will be put in the situations where they will have to navigate through difficult environments by jumping, climbing. Joule is also able to double jump with the help of her shoes, which act as small jet-packs. Most probably there will be platforming puzzles features in the game.

ReCore release date is September 13 2016 and will be available for PC and Xbox One.