Quake Champions Will Make it to Xbox One, PS4, To Be Announced Later?

At Bethesda’s E3 press conference 2016, developer id software announced that Quake Champions will be coming to PC exclusively. But from what we interpret from their interview with Finder.com.au, it looks like the title may very well be coming to the XBox One or PS4 but on a later date.

It was not a surprise that Bethesda is bringing back Quake. With the reboot of Doom, it just seemed like the right thing to do, but Doom was a multi-platform game and was not exclusive to PC.

The game got a lot of attention and Doom lover were in line for the game on release day, so to speak. Looking back Fallout 4 as well as  Wolfenstein: New Order, The Evil Within and Dishonored all came to consoles as well as PC. Why Quake Champions might not be coming to console is a big question then.

In response to the matter at hand, id Software executive producer Marty Stratton said:

We are primarily a PC development house, even though we know consoles have a huge audience. We really think from a PC mindset with where we want to go with performance and graphics quality. We have some hardcore PC Master Racers [in our team] and when you set the bar that high it really becomes a challenge for the programmers with optimisation [on consoles].

When we move through development, there are a lot of times where the game simply does not work on consoles, because you are pushing boundaries on how you are creating art, how you are building levels and the amount of AI you are throwing on the screen.

You know, it just doesn’t even work on a console. I’m not saying that is the best way to develop a game, but at id that is how we tend to do it. Then it becomes a race to optimise [for consoles] and they did a tremendous job. – Marty Stratton, 28 May 2016

The interesting part is what comes next with a reference to ‘what is coming in the future:

I am really excited about what is coming in the future, too, as the way we architected [sic] the engine for use on consoles – in particular on PlayStation – sets it up really well to be natively capable [of working] with the new Vulkan API for PCs. This is really going to expand the audience.

When that comes out and those cards come out, as we have an upcoming release that will be Vulkan supported, it is going to make the game run really well on older generation cards and at 200 frames-per-second on high-end cards.

And again it runs really well on the console on both sides. I could not be prouder of our tech team and they put in a tonne of effort to make it run well. – Marty Stratton, 28 May 2016

While the above statement was given while talking about DOOM but do note the reference to the future game to be announced, which is a strongest hint that Marty was referencing Quake Champions and if his statement is to go by, we will definitely be seeing Quake Champions on Xbox One and PS4, but sometime later.

Why you should be excited about Quake Champions making its way to Xbox One and PS4? Well, just look at the screens from the reveal:

Is Quake Champions Id’s answer to Overwatch? Will it be that cool? What’s your take?