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A Preview of Battlefield 1 Maps You Will Be Playing At Launch

According to DICE, there are 4 Battlefield 1 maps available right now and more on the way. Here is a preview of Battlefield 1 maps you will be playing at launch:

Battlefield 1 Amiens Map

One of the Battlefield 1 maps is Amiens. Here players will be able to fight through streets and squares of the French city of Amiens during the time of the German spring offensive.

The players will struggle in crumbling alleys and battle around a courthouse, different bridges and railways where the British and Germans desperately try to control the depths of the city.

Amiens is just one of he many Battlefield 1 Maps that you will be able to experience when the game comes out.

Battlefield 1 The St. Quentin Scar

Witness a huge assault on the scarred battle grounds of northern France. Witness the Kaiser’s battle first hand where the German army uses everything in their power in order to try and break through British front lines.

Get ready for truly chaotic battles as you move through the trenches of the St. Quentin Scar. This is your chance to put you name in the books of history as the the first soldier who broke through the fortified lines and assaulted the village of Travecy, that was untouched by the war, at least until now.

Battlefield 1 Monte Grappa

Battlefield 1 Monte Grappa Map

Play your role in one of the deciding battles between the peaks of kings located in the Venetian Alps. High above the clouds a desperate battle for taking control of mountain forts is proving difficult even for the toughest soldiers.

Use the powerful fort cannons to your advantage and stop the advancing enemies as they climb up the mountainside. Up here, amidst the furious struggle, the Austro Hungarian Empire has the edge, but the Italian Army will not back down until they have taken back what is rightfully theirs.

Battlefield 1 Empire's Edge

Battlefield 1 Empire’s Edge Map

Along the Adriatic coast a battle for land and life takes place. A shabby but fortified shore becomes the battle ground for an empire under assault. What once used to be a beautiful Mediterranean village has now turned into a battleship graveyard by mechanized war.

These are a few of the Battlefield 1 Maps that will be available to play on launch day. Rest assured that this is just a taste and there is more content in the works.