New Mafia 3 Gameplay Footage and Trailer Revealed for E3 2016

We shared with you a short teaser for Hangar 13’s latest that featuring stuff like steel cage fights and whatnot. In the E3 2016 updates for the game, a new trailer covering the same and a new Mafia 3 gameplay footage worth 20 minutes has been released.

Let’s talk about the new trailer first. As you can see above, it focuses on the revenge elements in the game and the life of Lincoln Clay, our protagonist who hopes to set up his own crime organization to take on the Italian mafia.

The trailer takes us back in history to the New Orleans of 1960’s, the city and era on which the in-game city New Boredeaux is based on.

Moving on, a good 20 minute long Mafia 3 gameplay footage has also been shared that gives us our most detailed look at how the game plays out.

In the past we have had a couple of other gameplay videos of the game, and there also was a hint at new gameplay chunks in the teasers Hangar 13 released a couple of days before the E3 2016 event too. Here’s the new footage though.

If you are planning on buying the game for your PC, you need not worry about having to cater to high-end system requirements because Hangar 13 has not been too demanding with the game’s system requirements that came out recently.

Before this, the Mafia 3 Collector’s Edition was also revealed by the developers featuring some interesting contents like vinyl based soundtracks and iconic drink coasters reminiscent of the old days. You can read up all about the contents as well as preorder details on the Collector’s Edition here.

Do check out the new trailer and the new Mafia 3 gameplay footage above and tell us if you think the game looks ready for its October 7 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.