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La Liga Goes Exclusive to FIFA 17

Spanish Football League, La Liga, is going exclusive to FIFA 17, which posses a problem for the main competitor, Konami’s PES 2017.

According to Gamereactor, both La Liga ambassador, Fernando Morientes, and publisher Electronic Arts announced the partnership during the game’s official presentation at Santiago Bernabéu. This deal ultimately means that EA will have the rights to the team’s players and stadiums from Spain.

This will create problem for the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, as Konami will have to negotiate individually with every club, which raises a question that how many Spanish clubs abd real players will PES 2017 feature.

Since EA will own the rights to the players and clubs, Spanish League will feel authentic as there will be no made up logos for teams or player names. This is the first time FIFA will feature Spanish stadiums so expect the number of stadiums increasing in this year’s FIFA 17.

According to Fernando Morientes, ambassador of La Liga, “We have the world’s best league and EA are the best with football games.”

During thee presentation, the former Madrid, Liverpool and Valencia player El Moro showed that not only he is good with his feet but he is also good with a controller as he beat EA Sports marketing manager, Yeray Romera, in an hands on FIFA 17 match.

Electronic Arts has conformed that FIFA 17 will run at 1080P and 60 frames per second, and like all the other EA Sports games, FIFA 17 is being developed on Frostbite Engine instead of EA’s propriety Ignite Engine.

However, it will be interesting to FIFA 17 to maintain a 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second as many games developed on Frostbite now a days can’t maintain a 1080P resolution and 60 FPS on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

FIFA 17 will also feature a single-player mode called Journey, which will put the players in the shoes of Alex Hunter, as he progresses from being a rookie to a superstar.

Source: Gamereactor