Hideo Kojima Is At E3 2016, Could We Expect a Surprise Teaser for His PS4 Exclusive?

The atmosphere is electrifying at E3 2016, Microsoft, Bethesda, EA, and Ubisoft have showed their most anticipated games. Next up, is Sony that is holding its press event at E3 2016 in just a few hours.

We have just been told that Hideo Kojima is at E3 2016 so could we expect an announcement or teaser of any kind for his PS4 exclusive title? Sony teamed up with Hideo Kojima after the legendary developer parted ways with Konami to start his own studio, Kojima productions.

He wasn’t allowed to attend Video Game Awards by Konami but now that he is a free man, he is here at E3 2016. As news broke that he is in LA and at E3, speculations were fueled of a possible teaser for his game that is currently under development at Kojima Productions.

Sony has lots of cards up its sleeve and there have been no leaks of any kind. However, we just got word that the next Red Dead game will be announced by Sony. Is it in anyway possible that Hideo Kojima has also brought us a slice of his project as well? It is unlikely as the game is still at its very early stages of development but fans at E3 are very optimistic.

Kojima has been sharing images of his Mascot on Twitter. The head of Kojima Productions logo now has a body as well. It is possible that this mascot is actually a character from Kojima’s next game.

If that is the case, then was Kojima teasing an E3 announcement earlier with his mascot? Could be.

Hideo Kojima is at E3 2016, will he announce his new game? Share your views down below.