We Happy Few E3 Gameplay Gives Off Bioshock Vibes

Compulsion Games brought its We Happy Few to E3 2016 to show it during Microsoft’s Xbox press event. The game is a single player survival title that gives off Bioshock vibes. However, it is a pretty different game. It features a very strange 60s-esque world where hardly anything makes sense.

We Happy Few is the story of a bunch of “moderately terrible people” that have dedicated their lives to escaping from a lifetime of cheerful denial.

Set in a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city, the game takes players to an alternative universe England during the 60’s.

Residence of an underground vault are being given a drug to keep them at bay and away from the true realities of the world.

We Happy Few demo from E3 2016 shows how our lead character is avoiding the use of this drug but it is messing with his mind, he is having a hard time differentiating between illusions and reality which results him being caught by the authorities.

The game is still without a release date but it is going into Xbox One Preview Program on July 27. This will allow Xbox users the game ahead of its official release and provide feedback to the developing studio.

The game will only release for Xbox One and Windows 10, so far, there seem to be no concrete plans for a PS4 version of the title.