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Halo 5 Score Attack Mode Coming For Xbox One “Soon,” Confirms 343 Industries

The Halo 5 community grew to five million in just the first three months on Xbox One, and we have also heard the game is coming to PC. If you have been with the game throughout this time, you might also want something more content-wise; Halo 5 Score Attack mode is 343 Industries’ answer to that.

The campaign engineer at 343i, Gabe Deyerle, took to Halo Waypoint to reveal that they will release the new mode “soon” while explaining how it will be based on the scoring systems in the previous games in the series.

He says that they are “big fans of scoring in past Halo games, and we wanted to bring it back to Halo 5: Guardians, but with a few new twists.” Deyerle promises that “you’ll earn the most points for defeating your foes as stylishly as possible,” as there will be over 50 Medals to get your hands on in the Score Attack mode.

Also, there are going to be five new achievements that will accompany the Halo 5 Score Attack mode when it is released by 343 Industries, worth a total score of 125:

  • Drop A Quarter (10): Complete a mission in Score Attack with at least 10,000 points.
  • Up For A Challenge (20): Complete a mission in Score Attack with Skull multiplier of x2 or higher, and score at least 50,000 points.
  • Party Hearty (25): Complete a mission in Score Attack co-op, with all participants scoring at least 200,000 points.
  • The Hare (20): Beat the par time of a mission in Score Attack.
  • The Tortoise (50): Complete a mission in Score Attack with at least 500,000 points.

The score multipliers will go from 0.25x to 4x for Easy to Legendary difficulties, and then there also are score multipliers for different skulls.

Halo 5 Score Attack mode is expected to arrive “soon” but that is the extent of information the developers have shared with us about their release plans.