For Honor E3 Demo Showcases SinglePlayer Campaign, Art Of Battle And More

Last year Ubisoft announced For Honor, and this year the publisher has showcased a lengthy For Honor E3 demo of the single-player campaign.

In For Honor Players will take on the role of Knights, Vikings and Samurai in an age old war between the three factions. The players will be fighting for the survival of their people, against each other and against a powerful evil warlord, Appolyon, who benefits from the conflicts between these factions.

For Honor E3 demo starts with a Viking’s mission which takes place half through the game. The Vikings are attacking the Myre, The land of the Samurai. The Samurai try to stop them using fireballs and raining arrows, but still Vikings make it to the Myre.

The Vikings attack for the Samurai’s wealth, as they are starving themselves due to their war against Appolyon. In the mission player assume the role of a Raider who is the main Vikings Protagonist.

For Honor E3 demo showoffs the melee combat as the Raider wields a giant axe and clears the Samurai in his way. Players can dodge enemy attacks of their enemies and then hit them when they are vulnerable.

The game features its unique combat system, The Art of Battle, which lets the players experience the Melee combat as if the weapon is in their own hands. Using the system players can lock on their target and switch between left, right and top stances. Players will have to match the enemy stance to block them and then attack them from where they are defenseless.

The combat is kind of similar to that of Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor, where players can use the environments to get rid of their enemies. Players can also take different paths to reach their objectives.

Players will encounter many bosses as they progress through the single-player campaign of For Honor. Also the game features a special mode which can be triggered once the player taken enough damage. The special mode gives players better defense and increased damage. The single-player campaign will also feature two player co-op online or split screen.

For Honor will release on February 14 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, also fans can sign up to take part in the alpha of For Honor.