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Battlefield 1 Operations Mode Lets You Fight Through Multiple Maps In One Go

The new Battlefield 1 Operations Mode sound like a complete rush. Making things more immersive than ever the game mode allows player to battle their way across multiple maps. Operations mode is a great addition to the game modes in my opinion as players are not confined to the space of a single map as we are used to in FPS games of the past.

DICE has announced that Conquest and Domination make a return in the upcoming Battlefield 1 but the new Battlefield 1 Operations Mode will steal the show and will be the center of attention in Battlefield 1.

Operations Mode brings together several inter-connected game rounds. All of  which amount to a single Operation and one singular score. The map changes at the end of each match. The objectives however remains the same. Attackers will have to push the front lines while defenders will stop them from doing so.

Conquest is the same as seen before. But this time vehicles are introduced in the map during key moments to help one team turn the tide over the other

Domination is a smaller take Conquest, focusing on infantry combat up close. The objective is to capture the flags, but the capture time is relatively reduced as compared to Conquest and the maps are more focused.

Battlefield 1 Operations Mode will definitely bring a twist to the game. This new game mode has the potential to be the main feature that will humiliate the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare title. Small features and game modes such as these can make all the difference in the world.

We know that the main core of the game is the same. It is in essence an FPS game but it is such innovation and new content that will give Battlefield 1 the edge over rivaling titles.