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Dead Rising 4 Revealed at E3 2016; Promises to Be the Ultimate Zombie Slayer

Rumors about Dead Rising 4 have been in the air since January, thanks to a job listing at Capcom that popped up back then.

The rumors were solidified by a number of screenshots that were leaked yesterday as well as a couple of days ago. However, we now have the official reveal of the game as well as the first trailer.

The trailer in question takes you back to the roots of the game with notorious and colorful zombies as well as “an all-new action packed thrill ride” deserving of the game’s history.

As you can see above, the video starts with Frank looking up stuff on Twitter, and by stuff we mean video clips of zombies being slayed is style. This leads to the character taking to the streets with a number of crafted weapons.

Talking of, crafting will definitely play a major role in the game as it has always been an iconic feature in the series. From weapons to those crazy ass vehicles that look suited for a carnival, we are sure this one is going to really sit well with the waiting fans.

Although we have only been able to get the first look at the game (a lot more details will follow soon) we are sure the rumor from earlier this month claiming it will be at E3 2016 and that it will “make fans of the franchise happy,” is after all completely true.

What we know about Dead Rising 4 now is that the game’s protagonist is going to be Frank O’Connor, and that the game is probably going to be set in the same place as the original Dead Rising because the trailer shows us the Willamette Mall from the original game in the series.

Dead Rising 4 is going to be released exclusively to Xbox One in Holiday 2016 – we suspect a November release.